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Ethiopian Airlines Flight Pass Rules
When you buy a Ethiopian Airlines Flight Pass to travel on Ethiopian Airlines flights, you enter into a contract with Optiontown. The Flight Pass Service is offered by Optiontown Ireland Limited, an Ireland limited liability company, having its registered address at Mespil Business Center, Mespil House, Sussex Road, Dublin 4, Ireland, hereinafter referred to as "Optiontown" or "OT".

Your ticketed booking is governed by Ethiopian Airlines 's General Conditions of Carriage; the conditions in your ticket or itinerary and receipt, any tariffs which apply and regulations. The Ethiopian Airlines, having its registered office and principal place of business at Bole International Airport, Africa Avenue Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, hereinafter to be referred to as "Ethiopian Airlines" or "ET";

Please note that these Flight Pass Rules, together with the Optiontown Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between You and Optiontown. In the event of any contradiction between the Optiontown Terms of Service and these Flight Pass Rules, these Flight Pass Rules shall prevail.


"Advance Booking" refers to the minimum number of days or hours before your Journey that are required for you to make a booking with Flight Pass.
"Cabin" or "Travel Class" refers to the travel class, e.g. Economy Class or Business Class.
"Customer" refers to one or more persons that have bought a Flight Pass or one or more of the OT Services.
"Passengers(s)" refers to the total number of distinct Passengers who can book and fly by redeeming Flight Pass.
"Fare Type" refers to the type of fare selected for Flight Pass, namely, Promo, Discounted, Semi-Flex, Flex in Economy Class and Promo, Discounted, Full in Business Class. Different amenities and services are available with different fare types, like flight change, flight cancel, No-show, bags, upgrades, etc.
"Flight" or "Flights" refers to the flights operated, marketed, designated or any combination thereof by Ethiopian Airlines. "Number of Flights" refers to the number of one-way Flights you can take between selected destinations. Two flights are needed for one Passenger to fly a round-trip between two selected destinations. Both one-way and round-trip bookings are allowed with Flight Pass.
"Ethiopian Airlines Flight Pass" or "Flight Pass" refers to the pass provided by Optiontown in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines under the Flight Pass Service to its Customers which makes them eligible to book Flights which fulfills the criteria mentioned in these Flight Pass Rules.
"Journey" refers to a segment of Flights that may have more than one Flight (like a segment may have both outbound and return Flights or may have connecting Flights).
"Optiontown" refers to the brand name and "" refers to the domain name and website of OT.
"OT Services" comprises of the various services offered by OT, wherein each such service is in general referred to as "OT Service". Flight Pass is one of the OT Services.
"Travel Period" refers to the time period, whereby You can fly on flights departing during said time period by booking a flight with your Flight Pass.
"Trip Type" refers to the type of booking (one-way, round-trip, etc.) allowed for a Flight Pass.
"Website" is the webpage on which the Flight Pass is being offered, sold and administered.
"You" refers to a Customer of Flight Pass.
"Travel Zone" or "Zone" refers to destination pairs (cities/countries) for which Flight Pass is valid.

1. Purchase of a Flight Pass and subsequent exchange of Flight Pass for ticketed bookings can only be done through the You will NOT be able to make changes to your Flight Pass, or any flights booked using your Flight Pass, through, call centers or Airport tickets offices.
2. Flight Pass Purchase: Upon completing your Flight Pass purchase:
a. You get the right to book and fly on 'X' one-way flights, departing during the 'Travel Period', for the selected routes of the Flight Pass. (Where X= Number of Flights you have chosen while purchasing the Flight Pass). Flights can be booked up to 1 year in advance of the departure date.
b. Trip Type - You agree that a one-way booking will consume 1 Flight at a time per passenger, and a round trip booking will consume 2 Flights at a time per passenger. You can use your Flight Pass to book flight bookings, subject to your Trip Type, from/to any airport within your selected travel zone as will be listed in the departure and arrival airports in your Flight Pass, as given below.
One-way or Round-trip - Customers, who have purchased this option, will able to book either 'one-way' or 'round-trip' bookings with their Flight Pass.
Round-trip only - Customers, who have purchased this option, can book only round-trip tickets with their Flight Pass. One-way travel will not be permitted.
Flight Pass also allows you to book round-trip journeys where you can arrive and depart from different airports within your selected Travel zone. Even if your Flight Pass allows for one-way travel, but still travelling to certain destinations may require a round-trip ticket. So, you are requested to check the travel requirements of the country you are travelling to and if a round-trip ticket is required for travel to a country, then you must ensure that you have a valid round-trip ticket and other valid travel documents as may be required including visa, if any. No claim will be entertained for any denial to enter into a country due to no round-trip ticket or invalid/insufficient travel documents or due to invalid visa etc.
c. Passengers Name Add time limit - One passenger must be added at the time of Flight Pass purchase. You can add new Passengers until the maximum limit of Passengers is reached;
d. Infant and Children Rule - You agree that Flight Pass is only available for use by adults and children over 2 years of age. You can add infants on the booking after the booking is created by paying the appropriate fares, fees and taxes which may be levied and changed by Ethiopian Airlines from time to time. Flight Pass price is NON-discountable for children. To add Infants, you may do so by contacting the Optiontown for Flight Pass.
e. Special Service Requests (SSRs) - You can add Special Service Requests (SSRs) to your flight, such as for special meals, baggage, special requests like wheel chair, disability assistance or others, by telephone via the Ethiopian Airlines Service Centre. Please note Ethiopian Airlines may levy an additional charge for these additional service requests as per regular Ethiopian Airlines policy.
f. Amenities - You will receive all standard services and amenities associated with your selected cabin in your designated flight which may be subject to change as per normal Ethiopian Airlines operating procedures;
g. Baggage Allowance - You will receive the following baggage allowance when you make a booking under Flight Pass:
Carry-on Baggage - 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item
Check-in Baggage - You will be allowed 2 check-in bags of up to 23 kg each for all routes except Brazil. For Brazil routes, You will be allowed 2 check-in bags of up to 32 kg each.
3. Flight Pass conditions.
a. Flight Pass Change
You can change any one or more of the following Flight Pass parameters as given below, Increase Number of Flights, Extend Travel Period, Reduce Advance Booking, Increase Number of Passengers, etc.
The allowed changes to Flight Pass can be done after paying the applicable fees and fare difference (if applicable) through Flight Pass website only. Changes apply to all flights in your Flight Pass, it is not possible to change a portion of the flights in your Flight Pass. Changes can be done via the Manage My Pass section after login to your Flight Pass account.
b. Flight Pass is NON-refundable and non cancelable once purchased. Any payment once paid is NON-refundable under all circumstances.
c. No portion of the total Flight Pass price will be refunded in case of any unused Flight credits. However, if and only if ET stops flying to adestination and You have unused flight credits for that destination, then you may request refund for only that unused Flight Pass credits. In this event, Ethiopian Airlines will be responsible to refund the amount, however, you will need to contact Optiontown Customer Care via email at to submit your refund request.
d. Flight Pass is NON transferable, and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash. The Journey entitlement under a Flight Pass cannot be altered except as notified otherwise by Optiontown.
e. Once a Flight Pass has been exchanged for a ticketed Flight booking, Flight tickets are NON refundable. In all circumstances, the Flight Pass remains Non-refundable except as mentioned above.
f. For Customers who purchase Flight Pass through the installment option, the deposit amount, and installment payment(s) are NOT refundable in the event that you decide to cancel your booking.
g. Passengers Name Correction - Once you have added a name to your Flight Pass, you can only change a maximum of 3 misspelled characters in your name. Please make sure that you have added the name on the Flight Pass as it appears in your Passport.
4. Flight Pass Booking conditions
a. Seat Availability for Flight Booking - You can book flights with your Flight Pass subject to at least 1 seat available in the flight, subject to other terms of your Flight Pass.
b. Flight Change / Flight Cancel / No Show
*FREE Flight change/ Cancel / No Show allowance - You are allowed to change/cancel/No Show a certain number of your flight at no cost subject to number of free flight change/cancel/No Shows allowed as per the Fare Type of the purchased flight pass. The free allowances are defined below.

CabinFare TypeFree Flight Change allowance*Free Flight Cancel allowance*Free No Show Allowance*

Number of FREE Allowances are calculated as per the percentage value mentioned above multiplies by the total number of flights in the purchased Flight Pass (and rounded down to the lower integer).
Fees for Change/Cancel/No Show after Free Allowance - After the free allowance, the costs change/cancel/No Show for additional flights are as follows

RoutesChange Fee after Free Allowance
(per passenger per flight*)
Cancel Fee after Free Allowance
(per passenger per flight*)
No Show credit reinstate Fee after Free Allowance
(per passenger per flight*)
North America$200$220$240
Rest of the world$100$120$140

Fare Difference for Flight Change - In the event, if the new flight is outside the Flight Pass parameters an additional fare difference, in addition to the change fee, will be calculated and charged.
Routes changes and passenger name changes are not permitted.
Flight cancellation is only permitted before flight departure. No Show credit reinstatement is permitted no later than 7 days after flight departure.
The Flight Changes can be done online by logging to your Flight pass online. Contact Optiontown at to cancel your flight or to reinstate your No Show credit.
c. Frequent Flyer Miles - The Ethiopian Airlines Sheba Miles will be allocated as per the booking class assigned at the time of flight booking. The accured Sheba Miles will be applicable towards your tiers.
d. Business Lounge - Business lounge is included for business class customers only.
5. You agree and understand that the real time price may be lower or higher than the regular price displayed, hence the savings may be more or less than the displayed amount. You agree and confirm unconditionally that you have taken the informed decision with the clear understanding and knowledge of the above. You irrevocably and unconditionally agree that you will not hold Optiontown and/or Ethiopian Airlines responsible in any manner whatsoever for any difference in regular prices and/or savings displayed and you cannot cancel the Flight Pass due to this.
6. Flight Pass price includes the base fare, taxes and fees for all the Flights purchased, excluding any surcharge that may be levied if you pay by credit card. Service fees may apply for changes to your Flight Pass or for changes to your bookings. However, in the event, the government and third party taxes and fees change between the time of Flight Pass purchase and the time of actual flight booking, then in that case, there may be additional taxes to be paid at the time of flight booking or at the airport before departure subject to operating procedures.
7. Flight Pass prices may vary across different Customers whether booked on the same flight and having the same parameters.
8. Flight Pass bookings are based on last seat availability. You understand that if a flight is fully booked, and therefore no vacant seats are available, you are not able to make a booking on that flight.
9. Specific policies and rules, if applicable to Ethiopian Airlines, will be displayed under the Flight Pass Rules and would accordingly be applicable to you.
10. The total Flight Pass amount paid will appear in the name of Optiontown. Customers agree that they cannot challenge or dispute a charge if the name appearing on their credit card statement is different than the one mentioned above.
11. To the extent permissible by local law or regulation, these Flight Pass Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with laws of New York, USA Ethiopian Airlines and each Customer submits to the NON-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New York, USA to resolve any disputes that may arise out of them.
12. If any provision of these Flight Pass Rules are declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect the other provisions remaining which shall continue unaffected.
13. Optiontown accepts no responsibility for damage or loss resulting from misdirected or incomplete entries arising from computer malfunctions, viruses, bugs or other such causes. Optiontown is in no way liable for the reproduction or indirect access via third party web site or home page access which reproduction misstates or omits any of the information or terms and conditions connected with the Flight Pass.
14. After the purchase of Flight Pass, in the interest of your security and fraud prevention, you may be contacted by Optiontown and/or Ethiopian Airlines to request some documents for verification purpose and in case those documents are not provided then your Flight Pass purchase may be put on HOLD or canceled including any booked flights. Optiontown is the sole official partner of Ethiopian Airlines to provide Flight Pass and is a secure channel that is capable to receive customer's documents for security and verification purpose.
15. Ethiopian Airlines may also ask you to provide payment or other information at the check in counter for verification purpose. If the requested documents are not provided or Ethiopian Airlines is unable to verify you as the customer or your payment information, then Ethiopian Airlines may deny you boarding at your own risk and all your future tickets may be canceled. Optiontown and Ethiopian Airlines will have no liability in such cases and it will be up to the customer to provide sufficient documents as requested by Ethiopian Airlines and Optiontown in order to verify the customer and payment information.
16. Optiontown reserves the right to change these Flight Pass Rules at any time.